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Government Announcement Ban to Sale of Coal and Wet Wood From February 2021

There is a talk about the government banning the sale of Coal and Wood. The government is just banning the most polluting types of fuels.

These are House Coal (Bituminous non- smokeless coal) . The smokeless fuels will be unaffected. There is no need for people to stop burning solid fuels, its about burning the right products to tackle the air pollutions.

Wet wood or unseasoned logs are not suitable to be burnt. Only burn properly seasoned wood or kiln dried logs. By switching to kiln dried woods and smokless fuels you can reduce emission and help to tackle the air pollutions.

We have full range of smokeless fuels, kiln dried logs, seasoned logs and heat logs, So people can still continue to enjoy an open fire/wood burner for many years to come.