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House Coal

Coal Doubles 20kg

Coal Doubles 20kg

Bituminous house coal for open fires.

Coal Trebles

Coal Trebles 25kg

Bituminous coal nuts for open fires.

£13.00 As low as £12.25
Oxbow Glow 25kg

Glow 25kg

Excellent value for money, Glow is a medium-sized square shaped ovoid for open fire and multi fuel stoves.

£12.85 As low as £12.10
Kazak trebles

Kazak Trebles 25kg

Coal trebles are UK mined for open fires.  It is easy to light with a low ash content and burns with a natutally attractive flame.  It is not suitable for smoke control areas.

£12.25 As low as £11.50
Large Housecoal 25kg

Large Premium Housecoal 25kg

Bituminous large coal for open fires.

£13.00 As low as £12.25