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House Coal

Barn Dried Softwood Split Logs (Bulk)

These traditional softwood logs are ideal for open fires, multifuel stoves, wood burning stoves, and any other wood burning appliances.

Coal Doubles 20kg

Coal Doubles 20kg

Bituminous house coal for open fires.

Coal Trebles

Coal Trebles 25kg

Bituminous coal nuts for open fires.

£12.50 As low as £11.70
Oxbow Glow 25kg

Glow 25kg

Excellent value for money, Glow is a medium-sized square shaped ovoid for open fire and multi fuel stoves.

£12.35 As low as £11.55
Large Housecoal 25kg

Large Premium Housecoal 25kg

Bituminous large coal for open fires.

£12.50 As low as £11.70