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Other Products

Brown-sleepers 2400

Brown Railway Sleepers 2400mm x 100mm x 200mm

All treated with Tanalith E for a longer life and Tanatone for a warm, brown colour.

Bulk topsoil 750kg

Bulk bag topsoil 750kg

Perfect for flower beds, large planters and general landscaping requirtments.


Durstons Farmyard Manure 40L

A Blend of organic materials ideal for use as a soil conditioner to improve the soil structure by adding humus and nutrients.  Not suitable for acid locing plants.

Mp j innes

Durstons Multi Purpose Compost with John Innes 50L

Creates the ideal growing conditions with a blend of highest quality growing media, added John Innes helps retain water.

Tubs  baskets

Durstons Tub & Basket Compost 50L

Ideal for all container planting, with additional wetting agent for vigarous growth.

Gro bag

Durstons Vegetable Planter

Perfect for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and Salad crops with added fertiliser.

Enriched ts

Enriched Topsoil

Ideal to create raised beds, borders, tree and shrub planting and lawn preparation and maintenance.

Ericaceous compost

Ericaceous Compost

Our Ericaceous compost is specially formulated for all ericaceous (acid loving) species of plants.

J innes no 3 255l

John Innes No3 25L

Excellent for established containerised plants, final potting and top dressing.


Multi-Purpose Compost 50Ltr

Multi Purpose Compost 50ltr

Happy compost 50ltr

Multi-Purpose Compost Peat Free 50Ltr

Multi-Purpose Compost Peat Free 50Ltr